Who are Peter and Linda Morris?

Peter and Linda Morris of Northstar
You may have met us at Northstar Day, Northstar Golf Course or perhaps at the Recreation Center. We moved to Northstar several years ago and believe it was the best move we ever made. If Northstar ever needs a testimonial about their wonderful attributes, they should contact us. We live full time on Bitter Brush Way and you may see us walk the Tompkins Memorial Trail most every morning.

We recently transferred our real estate licenses to Sheridan Brokers. Peter has been selling real estate through Tahoe Riverfront Realty for thirty years and has brokered over three hundred transactions. He is not new to the business, just at Sheridan Brokers. Linda owned and operated Alpine Rental Group for fifteen years and now works together with Peter.

We have seen 18% interest rates, economic fluctuations, buyers markets, sellers markets, and challenging negotiations. Understanding today’s market and closing transactions is our business.

Please contact us discuss the current market value of your home or neighborhood trends. We live and work Northstar.




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