Homes that function well in snow…

Consider four feet of snow just fell and it took hours driving over I-80. What kind of home greets you? Provided your plowing contractor has cleared your driveway, is your front door accessible? Can you simply park and carry in your sleeping children and gear? Here are a few home designed that work well.


Entry ways are covered, snow is not unloading on the walkways or your cars, overall access to the front door is easy.

Some homes do not function as well because the front entry is exposed and there is a distance between parking and home. Yes some people will only come in through the garage so some of these features are not an issue. Though it remains a challenge to host guests.

When considering a purchase during summer months, envision four feet of new snow at midnight when you arrive. As Realtors, we know homes that work for clients and disclose those properties that do not and help discern the difference.